Ducks in the Garden

for mixed choir a cappella (2'25")

Premiered in 2012 by San Francisco Choral Artists, Magen Solomon, Artistic Director, Ducks in the Garden is a short, challenging and “serious” a cappella piece based on a very silly poem by Will T. Laughlin:

Morning comes —
The day is fine;
Ducks in the garden
Standing in line.

Noontime comes —
Sun overhead;
Ducks in the garden
Buttering bread.

Evening comes —
Shadows grow long;
Ducks in the garden
Playing mah-jongg.

Nighttime comes —
Full moon shining;
Ducks in the garden
Pleasantly dining
(As only ducks can)
On Peking Man.

Poem copyright © 1990 by Will Thomas Laughlin. Used with permission.