This off-beat little a cappella piece was written many, many years ago (1991, to be exact).  It is an earnest and faithful setting of a very silly poem by my friend Will T. Laughlin.  It happens to be very difficult to learn and perform, with a lot of meter changes, asymmetrical rhythms and odd, modal harmony, so over the years I’ve stopped thinking of it as a piece I ought to be promoting among choruses, and it has never been performed until now.

Among the people I did send it to, all those years ago, was Magen Solomon, conductor of the award-winning and extremely capable San Francisco Choral Artists.  This year, out of the blue, the piece was added to their “Poetry on Musical Wings” program.  Delighted by this unlikely stroke of luck, I quickly revised the piece to make it more suitable for performance, and they gave this wonderful, nuanced  premiere performance.

My approach to this surreal and brilliantly goofy poem was to treat it as if it were Shakespeare and treat the musical setting with utmost, deadpan seriousness.  I hope you enjoy hearing the piece with the appropriately silly video montage above!