Sight Singing and More: Musicianship Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Classes Planned for Late Summer/Fall 2016

Engaging and Edifying for Any Experience Level

The ability to sight sing depends on a combination of musical skills and knowledge including “inner hearing,” rhythmic sense and a basic background in musical analysis. Musicianship is the term that encompasses the mastery of these musical skills.  Thorough musicianship training is often overlooked, and the benefits of mastering these skills are immeasurable, whether you’re a choral singer, a singing actor or an aspiring musician of any genre.

Musicianship and Sight Singing Bay AreaHaving taught Musicianship in both private and classroom settings for years, I’m convinced that a classroom setting is more fun and engaging, and results in more successful outcomes. I’m now gauging the level of interest in classes consisting of group singing and activities in a choral setting that will cover the following:

  • Developing inner hearing, which is a prerequisite for sight singing
  • Developing rhythmic sense, also critical for sight singing
  • Musical memory and pattern recognition
  • Critical listening
  • Music theory concepts that inform our reading ability (basic form and harmony included)
  • Ongoing practice and development of sight reading mastery through choral repertoire from different periods

Here is a more in-depth article about what goes on in my Musicianship classes and why there is so much more to it than sight singing.

Let Me Know if You’re Interested

Location(s), schedule and pricing will be worked out after assessing the level of interest. Please let me know you’re interested, or even just curious, by providing the information asked for below. I will keep in touch with you as details come together. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  • Schedule, locations and scope will be determined based on the level of interest gauged via this form, but if you have any other questions, please ask them here. Your questions will help me to build a useful FAQ page about the classes.
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