Ducks in the Garden

for SATB chorus a cappella (2')

Ducks in the Garden is a short a cappella piece based on a very silly poem by Will T. Laughlin. It was premiered in June, 2012 by the San Francisco Choral Artists, Magen Solomon, Artistic Director.  

Hear the work performed in the amusing video embedded here.

Available from Swirly Music

Morning comes —
The day is fine;
Ducks in the garden
Standing in line.
Noontime comes —
Sun overhead;
Ducks in the garden
Buttering bread.

Evening comes —
Shadows grow long;
Ducks in the garden
Playing mah-jongg.

Nighttime comes — 
Full moon shining;
Ducks in the garden
Pleasantly dining
(As only ducks can)
On Peking Man.

Poem copyright © 1990 by Will Thomas Laughlin.
Used with permission.