Upcoming Performances for Summer 2012

May 18th, 2012|

The San Francisco Choral Artists, conducted by Magen Solomon, will give the world premiere of my very short (and very, very silly) a cappella madrigal Ducks in the Garden, which was composed in 1991.

Sondheim Like That

August 12th, 2007|

This is asking for trouble; I’m sure of it. In recent days a large number of people have found this site by way of a Google search on the words “sondheim like that”, mostly from the Washington, D.C. area.

Someone please tell me what this means. Should I […]

Congratulations to an Old Favorite

August 10th, 2007|

One of my favorites, the always entertaining The Standing Room, celebrates three years today. If you’re already a follower of TSR and haven’t seen it today, there’s a lovely surprise for you today.

My congratulations to M. C—! You can park in my driveway any time ;)

Sondheim, Shakespeare and Andy Dick

March 3rd, 2007|

Two items:

  1. Am I the only one who didn’t know that Stephen Sondheim composed incidental music for the Public Theater’s current production of King Lear with Kevin Kline. (Thanks for the tip, Mom!)
  2. Sondheim on The SimpsonsSet your Tivo! Sondheim has a […]

A Baffling Little Tidbit

February 22nd, 2007|

Joshua Kosman has a pretty funny anecdote about a know-it-all violinist musician. I suppose her ignorance shouldn’t be surprising, given her bad attitude, but…. sheesh!

Slice of Life

September 20th, 2006|

This is what I found on the counter when I went in for lunch today. I swear I didn’t set this up:

Slice of Life

Otherwise, nothing to report.

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The Names of Things

August 30th, 2006|

Frank Pesci raised an interesting question on his interesting blog today. I wanted to comment, but his site doesn’t allow comments from non-”Blogger”-ers. The basic question is:

Why is “do”, “C.” Meaning, why has the default understanding of the solfege syllable “do” become synonymous with the […]

To Mutual Admiration

August 6th, 2006|

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new blog to the set of feeds that I monitor regularly, and I almost never add anything new to my “Other Blogs” list (see the flyout menu to the left). Recently I added Red Black Window the blog of […]

Busy. So busy lately.

April 8th, 2006|

Moustache man at work.
(Yeah, I know: How busy can he be if he’s sitting around posing his son’s Playmobil

Crappy Composers Redux

February 13th, 2006|

I’ve never been Number One at anything… until now, that is. An anonymous commenter (possibly my mom) on my earlier post advises me that I’m now the Number One Crappy Composer!

It’s so good to be rewarded for my hard work. I’m … a […]