Choral Music for Bedtime

August 30th, 2007|

About a year and a half ago, I posted a little something about my son’s taste in orchestral music. He was about to turn three then, and now he’s four and a half. Since that time, my ability to play music for him has been limited for various boring technical and life reasons.

A few weeks ago, I got a new mobile phone that functions as a music player (not an iPhone, but I love it anyway). I’m still in the wide-eyed amusement phase over the fact that I can copy music files to it from my computer via Bluetooth, so just for the heck of it I copied a few favorite pieces over to see how that worked. […]

Concert Attire

February 5th, 2007|

Here’s what my almost-four-year-old says to me in the car on the way down to San Jose for the Letter to Hungary performance:

Dad, is that a special towel that you wear for concerts?

He’s referring to what might be the only elegant piece of clothing I own, which is a […]

“Not today, toots!”

May 8th, 2006|

Just another Philo quote. While you’re here, I should also mention….


Philo's makeshift drumset.

And After

Philo's makeshift drumset.

Philo’s Playlist

January 2nd, 2006|

For a long time Philo was obsessed with Yiddish folk and theater music. I could not convince him to listen to anything else. (My own fault, I admit.)

Today it was Ravel’s […]

Suit yourself, horsey!

October 21st, 2005|

Sorry. Not much of a post here. This is something my two-year-old son said at dinner this evening. I won’t ruin it by describing the context. Suffice it to say it made perfect sense at the time.